Club Fit Launch

It's the moment you've all been waiting for: the launch of Uttoxeter Skating Club's "Club Fit" program. Kick off your 2019 season with new levels of strength, flexibility and performance skills.

The 2019 Club fit launch poster
Club Fit's 2019 launch poster showing the prices and dates of the sessions. Each session will individually be priced at £6 for a session or a block of five for £25.


Kris Turner (Club Coach) and Elle Taylor (Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist) have constructed a balanced programme for the 2019 winter-spring season that is designed to get you into the best shape possible for your training as a figure skater, regardless of your skating discipline.
  • Session 1: 16th Feb

    An introductory session to help you get the most out of your warmups. In the session, we will also be tackling your core body strength and looking at methods to improve your flexibility.

  • Session 2: 23rd Mar

    As delicate as a figure skater looks, they're packing a power house of strength. As figure skaters we have to effortlessly lift ourselves off the ice into the air and gracefully land. In this session we'll be teaching you how to get stronger, train harder and really push yourself.

  • Session 3: 4th May

    This week we're going to start applying your new found strength, flexibility and core into proper jump techniques. Being able to jump off ice means you can focus on the movements and not just where the ice has gone.

    In order to ensure this session is as beneficial as possible it will likely be split into ability groups.

  • Session 4: 1st Jun

    We'll be pulling out our dancing shoes as we learn the poise, balance and posture of a dancer and why it's so important to figure skating.

  • Session 5: 8th Jun

    If you've never done a pylometric session, you'll both love us and hate us with equal measure after this session.

    Plyometrics is designed to push your muscles to exert the maximum force in small intervals... just liking pulling in for a spin, or pulling in for that jump that's so close to landing but you just need that extra push.

Sessions Cost

All sessions are going to start at 1:30pm at the Uttoxeter Scout Hut, Sunnyside Rd, Uttoxeter ST14 7LU - a brilliant facility with a large space perfect for jumping around in. We're keeping the sessions as cheap as possible at only £6 per session or book all five sessions for just £25.