Blackpool 2019!

Blackpool 2018 seems like an age ago! But nevertheless, here we are again!

Starting off the week with an early patch is Georgina. This is Georgina's first NISA competition, and after completing her Duke of Edinburgh at the weekend, will no doubt be loving that patch time. Georgina will be competing in the Beginner Ladies 14 and over. Good luck Georgina! Daisy Fulton will also be taking to the ice on Monday morning in the Beginner Ladies age 8 category. This is Daisy's second time at Blackpool and if you came to watch our Spring Showcase this year you know she's ready to smash it today!

Georgina looking tired for her early patch this morning.
Georgina was up bright and early this morning after spending the weekend during her Duke of Edinburgh! Hope you have a quick nap before skating this afternoon!

Now Tuesday... Tuesday is a busy day for the Club. Fresh from his win at Glasgow, Carl is joined by Sean in the Level 2 Men's free skate. Sean won last year's level one men's group so he's looking to retain his championship title. Good luck boys! Charley and Emily will also be representing Uttoxeter in the Level 1 Ladies free skate in the 15's and over and the 13 & 14's category. This is Emily's first competiton, whilst Charley competed last year too. We're sure you'll do us proud guys!

Wednesday is the day of our senior skaters as the adults take to the ice! Sam and Sophie return to the ice in feirce competition (mostly with each other) in the Adult Single's Bronze competition. This is a higher level than either have competed before so we're looking forward to seeing how it goes! Sam and Sophie are joined this year by Elle in the Adult Pre-Bronze competition. We know she's nervous but we also know that she'll do grand! We're all rooting for you Elle.

Sam competing last year in the NISA pre-bronze category.
Sam competing in Blackpool 2018's Pre-Bronze category. This year he's moved up to the Bronze category but we're sure he'll still do great!
Mollee-Anna ready to clean up the tears of laughter from the judges!
Mollee-Anna ready to clean up the tears of laughter from the judges in her first NISA artistic competition.

Thursday is a special day for Uttoxeter! For the first time in our history (or as far as I know) we have skaters competing in the solo artistic category at Blackpool. Mollee-Anna is taking to the ice in her rendition of Annie and Carl will be reprising his role as Doc from Back to the Future. This is Mollee-Anna's first NISA competition and although we're not time traveller's I can see this being a great day for both of our skaters.

Friday is when I rock up ready for the group artistic competition! This year the Blades will be skating to Matilda and are ready to improve their score from last year. They've got better props, more audience interaction and Sean's face covered in chocolate! What more could the judges want. Unfortunately, we're missing Nell from our Blackpool performance but we're sure she'll have a great time skiing at France and we'll sorely miss her! Uttoxeter is also being represented by the Fab Four: a new artistic team of Sam, Ollie, Charlie and Sam (that's not a typo!). You may have seen their sneak peek video on Instagram and we can't wait to see how great it looks in full costume!

The Uttoxeter Blades lift Lucy high into the air, hoping their score goes as high!
The Uttoxeter Blades lift Lucy high into the air, hoping their score goes as high, in their rendition of Matilda!