Blackpool 2018: Get the Low Down

Just over a week after the Blackpool 2018 Skating Festival started we thought we'd review the highs and lows of what was undeniably a brilliant week for the Uttoxeter Skating Club.

Tuesday: Kicking off the festival with a bang saw the NISA level beginner categories start along with three brand new Uttoxeter skaters to the competition circuit making their debut. Congratulations to Daisy, Hollie and Charley who all had very long days, scoring 5.13, 12.81 and 9.05 respectively. A special well done to Hollie who came in the top 10 of the beginner ladies 14 & over category.

Wednesday was a busy day for our coaching team who never seemed to sit down for more than a minute but was well worth it. After an early practice patch in the morning Nell was the first to skate in the level 1 ladies age 12 category. After a mixup with the music Nell performed admirably and was visibily excited as she finished her program scoring a personal best of 10.81.

Georgia was next to skate for Uttoxeter in the level 1 ladies 13 & over category to some very catchy music from Chicago. Against a huge category of 26 other skaters Georgia scored an amazing total segment score of 15.88 taking her into 9th place.

Immediately following Georgia's competition Uttoxeter cheered on our set of brothers Sean and Carl onto the ice for the level 1 men competition. With a surprising lack of sibling rivalry Sean and Carl (who was competing for his first time at Blackpool) both skated excellently with respective scores of 13.69 and 11.00 placing Sean into the Gold medal spot.

The last to skate on the Wednesday was Lydia in the level 2 ladies 13 & over. First on after her warm up Lydia held a medal spot for the majority of her competition before finishing 5th with a total segment score of 15.57.

After a long day, Sean's medal ceremony, and a quick trip for food everyone retreated back to their hotels for some well earned R&R.

Thursday was the day of the adult competition for Sophie & Sam both competing in the pre-bronze young adult category. Sam was the first of the Uttoxeter two to skate performing Friend Like Me. Adult scoring is a little bit more complicated but Sam was a strong contender for the bronze medal with 17.84 but missed out by less than one point. Sophie was next to skate with a fun, Hairspray number and was hot on Sam's tail with a total score of 17.48 putting her in 5th place.

Sean holding his level one en's competition trophy.
Sean with his Gold medal and trophy after winning the L1 Men competition at Blackpool.

Saturday, the day the entire team had been looking forwards to, was the day of the team skate and the debut performance of Uttoxeter Blades. After a 6AM off ice practise session immediately followed by a 7AM on ice practise session the team was raring to go. The team conducted themselves honourably in the face of adversity scoring a total of 20.91. The team know what they have to work on now and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

They even made us a short video about their day at Blackpool which is well worth a watch. We're extremely proud of everyone of our skaters, members and non-members alike. Keep up the excellent work.

The Uttoxeter Blades, USC's show team, journey to their debut at Blackpool 2018.