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Blackpool 2019!

8 Apr, 2019 by Kris Turner

Blackpool 2018 seems like an age ago! But nevertheless, here we are again! Starting off the week with an early patch is Georgina. This is Georgina's first NISA competition, and after completing her Duke of Edinburgh at the weekend, will...

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Club Fit Launch

9 Jan, 2019 by Kris Turner

It's the moment you've all been waiting for: the launch of Uttoxeter Skating Club's 'Club Fit' program. Kick off your 2019 season with new levels of strength, flexibility and performance skills.

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Blackpool 2018: Get the Low Down

7 Apr, 2018 by Kris Turner

Just over a week after the Blackpool 2018 Skating Festival started we thought we'd review the highs and lows of what was undeniably a brilliant week for the Uttoxeter Skating Club. Tuesday: Kicking off the festival with a bang saw...

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Good Luck for Glasgow

2 Apr, 2019 by David Marston

USC goes to Glasgow! Get the low down over the next year.

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